Things besides Mount Rushmore to do on your motorcycle trip

Things besides Mount Rushmore to do on your motorcycle trip

Whether you’re visiting South Dakota on a trip to the famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally or planning a motorcycle trip to discover some of the most scenic rides in the U.S., South Dakota has become a must-visit destination for motorcycle riders from all over the world. In fact, South Dakota itself has more motorcycle riders per capita than any other state!

This translates into a bigger need for safety. That means wearing the right gear, riding sober and within the posted speed limits, and getting familiar with routes and road conditions before heading out for a ride.

With such a huge influx of riders during the summer months, especially during the week of Sturgis, there is an increase in vehicle and motorcycle traffic along many of South Dakota’s roads. Wildlife such as deer, elk, and mountain goats are common sights around area roads and highways in the early morning and evening hours. 

So, take your time, practice safe riding in order to prevent injuries, and take in and appreciate all of the natural beauty that South Dakota has to offer .

Other things to do

The motorcycle is much more than a mode of transportation. The evolution of the South Dakota motorcycle culture over the past several decades is all about embracing the ride; it’s about being able to have the freedom to escape from everyday life, to enjoy the camaraderie with fellow bikers, and getting the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful places in the country.

South Dakota has earned a reputation as one of the most popular places for motorcycle riding. Many riders love the wide-open spaces of the roads and highways that crisscross the state. Of course, Mount Rushmore National Memorial is the highlight of any trip to South Dakota, but it can be very crowded in the summer months with a lot of traffic, especially during the week of the rally.

Why not plan some rides to see some of the other great destinations that South Dakota has to offer? There are many day trips that you can take throughout the Black Hills to such attractions as Custer State Park, home to the crystal clear waters of Sylvan Lake, Crazy Horse Memorial,  Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway, and Badlands National Park. If you’re into the Old Wild West, don’t miss the city of Deadwood. 

A favorite of local motorcyclists is the Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway, a seventy mile loop through some of the most beautiful scenery in the state.

Here for the rally?

If you’re planning on attending the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, be prepared for roads congested with motorcycles for the weeks leading up to the event and after the Rally.  Take some time to check out for everything you need to know about riding your motorcycle in South Dakota.

Unfortunately, Sturgis motorcycle injuries are not uncommon. In fact, about 70% of South Dakota’s motorcycle fatalities occur during July, August, and September due to the Rally and increased summer riding.

If you’re injured in a motorcycle accident and need an attorney, contact the Rapid City office of Greg Yates and Michael Shubeck,  personal injury attorneys in South Dakota.