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When choosing an attorney to represent you in a case or provide expert legal advice, you’ll need to do some research about the legal resources in your area. Find out who the top attorneys in Rapid City, South Dakota are by accessing client testimonials and case results. Pick an attorney who specializes in the type of law you require and has demonstrated a winning trial history.

Both of our resident attorneys have large portfolios filled with previous successes both in litigation as well as negotiating awards. Their legal records are exemplary. Gregory A. Yates has won hundreds of millions of dollars worth of settlements for his clients over the years. Once he sinks his teeth into a case, he is known for his tenacious attitude toward making sure his clients see justice served. Michael Shubeck also has a storied career. He has been instrumental in high profile cases, including one in particular where he helped defend a developer against numerous defect claims and was able to broker a favorable settlement.

Legal services we provide

We offer top-notch legal representation to car accident victims and people who’ve been been seriously injured due to other causes, like product defects, landlord neglect, motor vehicle defects and more. Our attorneys focus specifically on helping people who’ve been hurt as the result of an accident or negligence. It’s always a plus to have experienced attorneys for personal injury on your side when something bad happens.Our goal is to ensure that your settlement covers all damages, physical, property and psychological, that were incurred as a result of your accident.

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