Attorney malpractice

Cases we take include attorney malpractice in the state of South Dakota

Attorneys, like all professionals such as doctors, owe a duty to their clients — a duty to handle a client’s case appropriately and to take appropriate steps to resolve the case. Some attorneys, however, fail in this duty. Sometimes the failure is unintentional — an attorney gets involved in a case that is too complex for him or her to handle appropriately or he or she does not have the appropriate expertise for a particular case. Other failures are deliberate — an attorney fraudulently misappropriates settlement money or otherwise handles a case improperly for some type of personal gain.

Attorney malpractice can be as devastating as any other type of professional malpractice. Although you don’t end up with physical injuries, in many legal cases, you only have one chance before a particular court, even if your attorney does not handle your case correctly. It can be difficult, or impossible, to get a rehearing. And if you have lost money, not received the money you were entitled to, or lost anything else of value including your liberty as a result, you need to be compensated for those losses.

The law firm of Gregory A. Yates, P.C., has handled many cases of attorney malpractice over the years. From the simplest mishandling of a case to very complex attorney fraud cases, Mr. Yates and his associates are skilled at investigating your case to find out if attorney malpractice did, in fact, lead to your results and they know how to effectively present that information to a jury on your behalf. One attorney’s malpractice can influence how many people feel about the legal profession as a whole; therefore, Mr. Yates does not believe that attorney malpractice should be tolerated on any level.

If you feel that an attorney who handled a case for you committed malpractice, contact the firm to set up an initial appointment. The firm handles attorney malpractice cases throughout South Dakota. Mr. Yates and his associates will evaluate your case – let you know if there is a problem with malpractice – and will help you with your case.