Sturgis Motorcycle Rally safety tips

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally safety tips

The 79th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is right around the corner.  The annual mid-summer event will be held from Friday, August 2nd through Sunday, August 11 in Sturgis, South Dakota.

Located in the Black Hills, Sturgis is a half hour drive to Rapid City and Mt. Rushmore and is within driving distance of other great attractions including Crazy Horse, Devils Tower, Custer State Park, and Deadwood.

The Sturgis Rally is ten days and nights of riding, food, and music. There are a whole host of events that are held during the week including the Legendary Sturgis 5K Run/Walk, Beard and Mustache Contest, Sturgis Burger Battle, and the Mayor’s Pub Crawl.  And, you can’t beat the concerts at this year’s rally — Keith Urban, Styx, Collective Soul, and Foghat, to name a few

If you’re planning to attend the rally, there are some important Sturgis Motorcycle Rally safety tips with which you should become familiar. First and foremost is to make sure that you have adequate motorcycle insurance coverage before hitting the road.  It’s better to be prepared than to be caught without the proper coverage in case of an accident.

Stay with the group

The South Dakota Office of Highway Safety provides riders with some important safety tips to make your trip to the Sturgis Rally a fun as well as a safe experience. Unfortunately, a crash can happen to even the most experienced of riders, so wear your helmet. Without it, you’re three times more likely to suffer a brain injury in a crash.

South Dakota’s motorcycle and helmet laws are intended to protect bikers. To familiarize yourself about the laws, visit the Office of Highway Safety’s website. Ride in groups because a lone biker is much harder to see than riders in a group. Wear the right gear so people can see you. And, don’t drink and drive!

Obey speed limits on South Dakota roads. The speed limit on interstates is 80 mph, but on secondary highways it’s 65 mph unless otherwise posted. City streets have a speed limit of 25 mph unless otherwise posted. Ride in single files lines, and avoid crowding the center line or motorists.

Make sure that you aware of any road closures or weather updates by dialing “511” toll-free or visiting “Safe Mile USA”. When you get to the rally, follow officer instructions for appropriate parking areas. Most people park their bikes as close to Main Street as possible.  It’s safer for you and your bike.

Be prepared in case you get hurt

Attending the Sturgis Rally should be ten days and nights of fun, giving you the opportunity to ride and party in some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. But, sadly, accidents involving motorcycles happen every year at the Rally. In fact, August is traditionally South Dakota’s highest vehicle fatality month each year. Driver and rider safety at Sturgis should be a very high priority.

If you are involved in an accident while attending the Rally, contact the Rapid City law office of Michael Shubeck, motorcycle accident injury attorney.