Attorney for pedestrians injured in accidents

Attorney for pedestrians injured in accidents

In the year 2012, nearly 5,000 people were killed and another 76,000 injured in pedestrian accidents in the United States. In other words, on average, a pedestrian was killed every two hours and one injured every seven minutes.

Though South Dakota has the distinction of recording the lowest rate of these type of accidents among the states, there is still the very real risk of being hit by a car, bus, truck or motorcycle. And unfortunately, when a pedestrian vs. vehicle collision occurs, the chances of the person on foot sustaining a serious injury is high.

At Rapid City Law, Gregory A. Yates and Michael Shubeck are two of the top personal injury lawyers in South Dakota. They help people who have been involved in an accident achieve a financial settlement that will cover not only current medical expenses, but future loss of wages, pain and suffering and other long term problems that may occur as a result of the accident.

Did this happen to you?

Were you struck by a car while walking, even if you had the right of way and were staying inside the crosswalk? In this case, the accident was entirely due to driver error, which includes reasons such as speeding or running a stoplight or stop sign. In addition, there’s a new danger to pedestrians in today’s technology obsessed world.

With the advent of personal media devices such as cell phones and MP3 players, the number of distracted drivers on the road has increased dramatically. According to a recent study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, talking on a cell phone while driving is equal in impairment to driving drunk. And of course, texting while operating a motor vehicle is far worse.

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If you’ve suffered an injury or injuries in a vehicle vs. pedestrian accident, you are probably concerned about many things such as medical expenses and the loss of income that comes with the unplanned time off work. A good first step is to locate a pedestrian accident lawyer who not only has years of experience handling personal injury cases but, has recorded many favorable settlements for clients along the way.

The attorneys at Rapid City Law of South Dakota specialize in making sure their clients are well compensated for their pain and suffering. Call today for a free consultation and let them take the worry out of the future for you.