Can filing a lawsuit hurt you?

Can filing a lawsuit hurt you?

Before you make a decision regarding whether to file a lawsuit, you should be aware of the pros and cons of personal injury cases. In the event that your injuries are severe and life-altering, you may not have a choice. When facing huge medical bills as well as a future in which you will not be able to work to support yourself, your decision is an obvious one. However, in the case of a far more minor accident, you need to weigh the stress and effort as well as amount of time that goes into a lawsuit against the cost to you if you choose to forego this option.

Depending on its complexity, the duration of the case, including financial settlement negotiations, can vary from a few months up to several years. You’ll need to consider the toll this will have on your life along with other potential negatives of filing a personal injury lawsuit when deciding if it is worth it to you personally.

Gregory Yates and Michael Shubeck of Rapid City Attorneys make it a point to meet with all potential clients and review all of the details prior to advising them on whether or not to proceed with a lawsuit. They offer honest, straight forward input, which comes from experience gained over many years of successfully representing people who have suffered major injuries.

The potential negatives of filing a personal injury lawsuit

As mentioned above and, as is true with anything, there are a few negatives to filing a personal injury case, but seeking legal advice prior to taking this step should allay any fears you may have. At Rapid City, we often feel that the positives of filing personal injury cases definitely outweigh the downsides. In fact, we consider doing so an important factor for our clients to be made whole again.

In order to put the tragedy behind them, we encourage our clients to seek reparation for any and all financial damages they’ve suffered or will face in the future as a result of their accident. And then we go to work to make sure they secure large settlement agreements from the insurance companies. Medical and liability insurance exists for this very reason — someone who has been severely hurt in an accident can receive the financial compensation they need to put it behind them and move on to live their best life possible.

Getting trusted legal advice

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