How long will your personal injury case take?

How long will your personal injury case take?

How long your personal injury case takes depends on whether you settle or sue. It’s good policy to try to reach an agreement outside of court because personal injury settlement agreements generally can be reached more quickly and inexpensively than trial verdicts. But, if your insurance company refuses to accept liability for your accident or they feel you’re asking for too much money, they may deny your request for settlement.

Another reason for going to court would be if your insurance only agrees to reimburse you for a portion of the expenses that you have incurred as a result of the accident, forcing you into filing a lawsuit for more damages to recoup the rest. Whether you settle in or out of court, however, you’ll need an attorney who is very familiar with this area of the law, has experience working with and suing insurance companies, and has an excellent record in terms of winning past cases.

Two of the top personal injury attorneys in South Dakota are Gregory A. Yates and Michael Shubeck of Rapid City Attorneys. With many years of experience and countless successful settlements between them, they will represent your interests to the best of their abilities. Mr. Yates and Mr. Shubeck work tirelessly to make sure their clients receive a fair and equitable settlement amount which covers all past and future expenses related to their injuries.

Determining factors

What are some of the factors that will affect the outcome of your personal injury claim? Personal liability (who is at fault) will be established by looking at case evidence, including accident reconstruction and witness accounts. Determining who is at fault will establish the person(s) who is responsible for reimbursing you for damages. In addition, the responsible party’s insurance carrier will base their settlement offer on insurance policy limits. For example, many policies explicitly state the total amount that the insurance carrier will pay per incident.

Another actor that has a large bearing on the final outcome of your case is the level of expertise, experience and time put in by your attorney. At Rapid City Attorneys, we are committed to leaving no stone unturned for our clients. We make it a point to be better educated and prepared than opposing counsel, and it shows in our high win/loss percentage. In particular, we’re very familiar with South Dakota statutes as they pertain to personal injury cases.

Best case scenario

We try to ensure that all of our clients achieve the best case scenario when it comes to all of the potential outcomes of their cases. We strive for the shortest personal injury timeline possible, and have a reputation for earning our client’s large settlement amounts.

Call to make an appointment for a free consultation today with one of our top notch attorneys. We will work doggedly to make sure you get the settlement you deserve.