Hospitals can cause injuries, too

Hospitals can cause injuries, too

Believe it or not, statistics have shown that hospitals are one of the most unsafe environments when it comes to workplace hazards. According to OSHA, injury rates in hospitals remain nearly double the rate when compared to private industry, including construction and manufacturing which, traditionally, have both proven to be hazardous workplace environments.

The most common injuries occurring in a hospital are sprains and strains, followed by broken bones, cuts, punctures, bruises, and other traumas which all require some type of medical attention. Almost 50% of these injuries are the result of the lifting, repositioning, and transferring of patients. Other injuries are the result of slips, trips, and falls, exposure to harmful substances, and the use of potentially dangerous equipment. Non-medical employees such as those in maintenance, housekeeping, and food preparation are faced with potential hazards unique to their particular jobs.

Don’t be taken advantage of

If you’ve been injured in an non-medically related incident at a hospital, it can have long-lasting ramifications. In addition to the actual physical injury and possible resulting disability, you may be faced with losing your job and, therefore, you source of income. Treatment for any injuries that you’ve sustained, a recovery period which may involve physical or occupational therapy, and any long-term medical care that may be needed means lots of medical bills.

This is where the services of a personal injury attorney can help you to determine whether you have a valid legal claim to bring a personal injury action. The purpose behind filing a personal injury lawsuit is to receive monetary compensation in order to pay for any out-of-pocket expenses that you may have incurred as a consequence of your injury that are not covered by insurance. Compensation can also cover the loss of earning and/or impairment of your earning capacity along with pain and suffering.

Know your rights

Rapid City Attorneys Gregory Yates and Michael Schubeck have over 40 years of experience between them when it comes to handling personal injury cases. Their South Dakota personal injury law firm has a reputation for fighting complex cases on behalf of injured victims as well as their families. Mr. Yates and Mr Schubeck, as well as their staff, are committed to see that you get a fair and equitable settlement and, to that end, will work diligently to make that a reality.

Both Greg Yates and Michael Schubeck have experience litigating all types of personal injury cases from complex catastrophic injury cases to those involving product and motor vehicle defects, dog bites, workplace accidents, motor vehicle accidents and wrongful death.

Call the law offices of Rapid City Attorneys to schedule a free consultation. At that time Mr. Yates or Mr Shubeck will discuss the particulars of the case with you to determine whether you should pursue litigation and what outcome(s) to expect. Personal injury cases are handled on a contingency basis which means that you pay no attorney fees unless a settlement is reached.