Other driver crossed the center line and caused a car accident

Other driver crossed the center line and caused a car accident

The center line in the middle of the roadway is there to help identify the two directions of the flow of traffic. When a driver crosses the center line and comes into the oncoming lane, it can result in a head on collision, causing serious injuries that can be life-changing.

The majority of these types of accidents involve negligence on the part of the driver who caused the accident. Liability is based upon the supposition that the driver made a decision that was unreasonable or careless when it came to protecting other drivers on the road from harm.

Drivers must respect the right-of-way traffic laws established by the state of South Dakota such as failing to stop at a red light or stop sign or crossing the center line of a highway. When a driver crosses that center line, he or she is violating a South Dakota traffic statute and may be found to be automatically negligent as a matter of law.

If you or a loved on has been involved in a car accident that resulted when the other driver crossed the center line, you have a legal right to bring action against the party or parties at fault in the car accident in order to receive fair and adequate compensation for your losses.

Your injuries and recovery

Accidents that occur because a driver has crossed the center line of a highway can result in serious, life-threatening injuries including traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injuries. In many of the cases, the injured party never fully recovers and is left with permanent injuries.

Serious or catastrophic injuries that result from head on collisions can result in costly medical and hospital bills, not to mention the costs from long-term care, rehabilitation, as well as the pain and suffering that have an enormous impact on the victim as well as his or her loved ones.

The goal of a settlement for serious or permanent injuries is to compensate the victim for what could end up being lifelong disabilities. However, in cases involving these types of injuries, the claim may get paid through a structured settlement in which the victim receives portions of their settlement over time due to the need for ongoing, costly medical and nursing care.

Managing money and bills

In a structured settlement, the insurance company funds an annuity for the victim, making payments in fixed amounts paid out on a regular payment schedule for hospital bills, etc. These types of settlements carry some level risk for the victim; therefore, securing the services of a personal injury attorney with experience in litigating cases involving serious injuries is critical to the success of your claim.

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